P.O. Box 131808
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi UAE
T: +971 2 656 0000
F: +971 2 656 0001
Reservations: +971 2 656 0700

    Meet the Chefs of Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi

    • chef michael

      Chef Michel Jost

      Executive Chef Michel Jost had always dreamed of working at an iconic hotel such as Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, overlooking the Yas Marina Circuit, even back when he was completing his apprenticeship at the Culinary School of Geneva.

    • chef wafaei

      Chef Wafaei Al Zaham

      Wafaei’s passion for cooking started as a child, when he would spend days in the kitchen with his mother as she prepared meals for family and guests at celebrations and feasts.

    • Sous Chef Pradeep Kumar

      Sous Chef Pradeep was lucky enough to learn his first steps, and his first steps in the kitchen, from his parents. To this day, Pradeep is proud to say that his mother still teaches him how to create and cook new dishes.

    • chef bay

      Chef Bayu Fidiyanto

      Chef Bayu Fidiyanto has accumulated a vast experience in Southeast Asian dining. After having completed his training in Indonesia, he continued to demonstrate his interest and natural flair for the regional cuisine at establishments around the world.

    • Meirza

      Chef Idfan Meirza

      Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi is pleased to welcome Chef Idfan Meirza, the new head Chef of Kazu. Chef Idfan is an acclaimed Chef with a broad range of knowlegde and skills.

    • Chef Chintaka Wekadapola

      Chef Chintaka Wekadapola started his career by successfully passing his studies in Switzerland and Germany, where he completed several specialization courses on Chocolate, Petit-Fours and sugar Artistics and artistic perfection courses, followed by a Traineeship in the pastry kitchen.