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    Fiona Ai Bubble

    Swiss Art Gate UAE together with Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi presents the 16th edition of CROSSROADS, a series of art exhibitions in the Light Box Gallery in the Marina Wing of the iconic Yas Viceroy hotel. “Crossroads #16 – Crystallization” shows mixed media artworks on canvas by acclaimed Monaco artist, Fiona Ai Bubble. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday, 22 March 2014, 7 – 9 pm. The art exhibition runs until 9 August 2014. Ai means love in both Japanese and Chinese. Bubble is the representation of a thought like water filled with air, an enclosed universe. It represents Fiona’s philosophy and creations.

    Fiona Ai Bubble creates mixed media artwork aimed at Self-Transformation. Each piece is the crystal-lization of a fleeting event in a spiritual life. She envisions art as a tool to live a better life, a concept she calls the New Light. It affects both the design and construction of all of her projects, and encap-sulates the Ai Bubble creative process.

    Ai Bubble artwork features the three great dichotomies - technology and human, science and spirit-uality, reality and imagination. She puts the chaos of these dichotomies into order through a philo-sophical tale, told in a visual symphony. In every project, she emphasizes the cycle of life, often rep-resented by a process of decomposition and reconstruction. In doing so, she exposes the ephemeral nature of human existence. Her artwork implores the viewer to come to a higher consciousness - to begin Self-Transformation. By mixing logic, observation and feelings, Fiona discovers metaphors for the Self-Transformation moments in life. Her artwork articulates these intangible moments, like se-renity, inner peace or self-confidence.

    Fiona said: “My methodology is a fresh take on a cubist approach, involving elements of post-expressionism and surrealism. Core to the New Light movement is the notion of turning reality (pho-tographic images or recycled materials) into a re-composition, like puzzle pieces forming an entirely new image.” Fiona uses symbols as a visual language, whether taken from tradition or invented in previous Ai Bubble series. Photography enables her to create imagery that brings to life the Ai Bubble meta-phors on Self-Transformation. Using digital processing in conjunction with drawing and painting, she bridges the organic and technological world, recognizing that these spiritual moments can only hap-pen in the vessel of human existence.

    Crossroads is a row of art exhibitions at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi and its aim is to make art accessible to everyone who walks into a public place, as well as to showcase the work of local Emirati, expat and international artists. CROSSROADS is a series of art exhibitions, initiated and organized by Swiss Art Gate UAE and in collaboration with Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi.

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