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    Art Gallery

    3 MARCH - 21 JUNE - Joko Herli Wibowo

    WibowoJoko is an Indonesian artist born in East Java, currently living in Bali, Indonesia since 13 years. Before that time he spent four years on the Island of Lombock where he finished his education in High School, already living his life as a self-taught artist. 

    After coming to Bali, Joko continued his efforts searching for the perfect line, where finally back in 2010 he received a feedback from a gallery in Semyniak, Bali, where he has become the best seller since and up until today. Almost simultaneously Joko's work was sold at auctions in Jakarta, Indonesia and in Singapore. 

    "I use a clear shape combined with speed to create a lively line regardless of space or of awareness. The final visual form created is symbolic, embedded in the esthetic of thinking. The colors that I express through my work are coming from a place of inner peace and balance. It should bring harmony and relaxation to the viewer - no distraction, no stress, just lightness.”